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The Remiges Foundation will take a multi-faceted approach to improving the lives of our participants. In addition to providing subsidies, the Remiges Foundation will also be offering education and advocacy services.

  • Subsidy Program
    When significant physical or mental illness occurs, certain mounting healthcare-related expenses - like co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance - can quickly cripple the financial well-being of an insured individual and their family. That's where the Remiges Foundation comes in.

    Eligibility will be based on several factors. The applicant's income must not exceed the Federal poverty level by more than 400%, and the applicant will be required to furnish proof of income.

    The Remiges Foundation will place extra emphasis on individuals and families that have little or no access to other government-sponsored programs. Therefore, applicants who are on Medicaid or Medicare and applicants seeking subsidies for substance abuse-related issues will not be accepted.

    Once approved, the subsidy can pay up to 50% of individual or family out-of-pocket costs. There will be no cap on the amount a participant may receive during their eligibility. The applicant will be required to evaluate the performance of the Remiges Foundation and the supporting providers. Applicants may be asked for permission to share their story as well.

    Subsidies and a full list of eligibility requirements will be available soon after we meet our initial fundraising goal of $1,500,000. To see if you qualify for assistance, please contact the Remiges Foundation using the information below.

  • Education Services
    Our education services begin once a Remiges Foundation caseworker approves the participant's application for a subsidy. Many participants may not understand or be aware of their healthcare options. Our caseworkers will help all participants make informed, intelligent decisions and create a customized healthcare plan that is unique to their needs.

  • Advocacy Services
    We believe advocacy for better healthcare begins with fighting for our participants, but we also realize we must work to improve conditions everywhere. On the individual level, our caseworkers will assist participants with subsidies, education and referrals. On the local and national level, we are working to create partnerships with a variety of organizations that advocate better healthcare for not only our participants, but the public as a whole.

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