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OneTouch Eliminates Your Business Service Problems
OneTouch was born from years of experience working with and listening to businesses just like yours. Whether it's more control over your costs, saving more time or eliminating paperwork, our team developed OneTouch with your needs in mind.

Your Business Service Problem The OneTouch Solution
You view and update data from multiple vendors on several different systems or portals View and update data quickly from multiple vendors in one, convenient portal
You waste time entering identical employee data several times across multiple vendors Employee data is entered once, then automatically sent to each vendor
You are responsible for collecting and entering enrollment data Employees enroll in core benefits, then you receive a report
You waste effort sorting through billing from multiple vendors Billing for all vendors is automatically reconciled
You would like to try an integrated solution, but you have concerns about compatibility with existing software Integrates with a variety of existing manufacturing, distribution and accounting software packages

OneTouch Solves Problems Caused by Competing Services
OneTouch has taken great effort to understand exactly what businesses dislike about working with competing business integration services and ensures those problems are non-existent for our clients.

Your Problem with Competing Services The OneTouch Solution
You do not want to pay high start-up costs for hardware and software installation Our online portal eliminates the need for pricey hardware or software investments
You are forced to use their business services for everything You decide which OneTouch business services to use
You and your employees receive little to no training Training including videos and PowerPoint presentations
Reaching representatives with questions is difficult, and they are often impersonal and poorly trained OneTouch's expert support specialists are easy to reach and know you by name rather than a number

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